What is sacred?

Sacred means set apart. As a culture we have ideas of things which should be set apart, should be sacred. Sex. Marriage. Death. And maybe these are good and right; maybe not.

But this morning, what is sacred?

My coffee.

Sacred is what I’m setting apart, what I’m cordoning off from the craziness of life in order to deeply experience, and today that is my coffee. I’ve purchased Thai beans from the Royal Project and ground them in my little grinder¬†and when I dished the beans into the grinder I could smell their rich earthiness and I poured hot water in a small backpacking coffee maker and served myself this coffee in a mug that’s handmade by a local artist, a mug that was a gift from Amp for our first Christmas in Chiang Mai,¬† and when they were grinding I was talking with Amp, and when I drink the coffee I sip slowly and look at the mountains —

And this is sacred.