Not so easy…

24 February, 2018 – Rio Gallegos to El Calafate via motorcycle, 305 km / 190 miles – 3-minute read

Well, the day wasn’t quite as expected. But perhaps it should have been – expected, that is. I should have expected the wind.

In Ushuaia we saw a t-shirt with a road sign of a palm tree blowing sideways, like in a gale force wind. We laughed, thinking that most of our windy days were behind us. I expected the wind to abate as we headed to the mountains. But under the sign was a town name: El Calafate. In the mountains. Where we were headed today.

And it was windy, windier than we’ve experienced since north of Cordoba. Windy enough that I rode the side of the bike, keeping it at a crazy angle on the road to keep straight.

But, at the end, it was also beautiful. We came across a ridge to see a green, glacier-fed lake spread before the snowy peaks – we’ve arrived in the Patagonia mountains. And tomorrow, I hope, we’ll be seeing a glacier, too.

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