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Today was a complete contrast to yesterday. I knocked off everything on my to-do list and retroactively completed the necessary part of yesterdays. And thanks goes to Lee.

Move quickly toward profitability
Move quickly toward profitability

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is what new companies use for testing ideas on their markets. While I’ve been busy setting up a website, researching multiple freelance sites for use, and spending (I kid you not) two hours creating a Favicon for my website, the thing I haven’t been doing is the actual work itself. I haven’t placed any bids. I haven’t won any contracts. I haven’t completed a project and gotten paid. And, to be successful, those are the things I actually have to do.

It’s not that I don’t want a kicking website with a great logo, but I was reminded today that those things can come later. Even video bids, as much as I think the idea is great, can come later. Right now I need to focus on landing, completing and being paid for my first job.

To-do lists -- done
To-do lists — done

In that vein today, and based on time spent on the different freelance sites, I decided to fully complete only one profile. If I want to I can later finish signing up for Odesk and Freelancer, but for now I’m only available on Elance. I’ll also postpone completing my website, working on it in free time until I actually think it will allow me to expand my business. Today I’ve browsed dozens of jobs on their boards and flagged about fifteen that I’ll bid on as soon as my account is verified.

All my work now will be streamlined into getting to the first paycheck, the validation I need to know that I can really earn a living with this business model. But now it’s 7:30, and it’s time for music and dancing. Buena noche.

Step one, where I am now
Step one, where I am now

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