Another Weekend Begins

It’s Saturday night and I’m on the cusp of another weekend. And I’m excited. But it’s not just for the break, like most weekends working past jobs. I’m excited for the work I did today, too.

Some months ago, while trying to generate ideas for products I could sell, I went back to the drawing board on a problem I’d had in the states. While there I wanted to buy kettlebells to work out, but couldn’t find them locally, and was nervous about spending the $150 to order one when I didn’t know what size I would need. Plus, I knew that often it would be best to have various sizes for different exercise movements. Why couldn’t they make them adjustable like ordinary weights?

Well, a search on the internet revealed a variety of options, all expensive, and none with the range of weight I would need. So this past year I sketched up an idea for a new style. And left it in my notebook, like most of my ideas.

Design from my journal in January
Design from my journal in January

But last week I came across a job where the client wants new kettlebell designs with decorative patterns. As much as I promised I was perfect for the job, with my long workout and design history, the client hasn’t contacted me back. It happens. But I really want this job.

So I’ve taken the time to research kettlebells and weights more, and finally finished the design I sketched so long ago. Even more exciting is the connection a friend of mine has to a weight manufacturer in China who could actually produce the design. Who knows, maybe this will be on the shelf in a year. If that happens, you can definitely expect an even more excited post.

The completed design for the adjustable-weight kettlebell
The completed design for the adjustable-weight kettlebell

Part of today, though, was working to stay proactive. Honestly, I’m worried right now – I don’t have any clients lined up beyond the one I’m working with, and I’ve only got one other potential “on the line”. I’ve submitted more proposals, but won’t likely hear anything back till Tuesday my time/ Monday US time.

There’s always a part of me that, when scared, wants to mope. But I can’t do that and expect to create a good business, so that’s why today I modeled my own designs and took a skill test. I’ll fight to do whatever I can to gain even a slight edge, and take the risks to be successful.

Bon weekend!

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